Dundee Museum of Transport - Open call for artists


14th August 2020

Dundee Museum of Transport’s newest exhibit ‘The Future of Transport,’ will explore innovative ideas for carbon-neutral transportation.

The exhibit, which will open in autumn 2020, will feature retro-futuristic designs and elements. As part of the exhibit, we wish to display artworks that reflect these ideas and aesthetics. If you have paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, textiles, or other media which reflect retro-futuristic or futuristic designs, we would love to consider including them for display in our exhibit.

Please send images of your artworks to k.southern@dmoft.co.uk, along with a description, by 10 September 2020.

Please note that if we choose to include your work in our exhibit, we may not be able to arrange for the shipping or transport of large-scale pieces, so please keep this is mind when selecting your works for submission.


Dundee Museum of Transport

Dundee Museum of Transport was established in 2010 with the aim of saving and re-developing the site of the former Maryfield Tram Depot. The Museum, currently situated on Market Street in Dundee, opened in 2014 and has become a popular attraction among the City's thriving heritage scene.

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