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16th September 2020

Cooperative Learning Consultants offer training and consultancy to make teams work better together and be more productive. Based on the principles of cooperation they work with businesses to train them to get better results. They believe that positive relationships are the foundation of a successful team. With focus on outcomes they aim to improve engagement, relationships and facilitate constructive dialogue that allows for collaborative decisions making and commitment to common goals. 






Here’s what some clients said about their training 

Out of all the training, CPD and CLPL that I have been on throughout my 20+ years as a coach, facilitator, speaker, tutor and workshop deliverer, the training I received from Karen and Stewart has been one that has resonated the most. The level of engagement I now have at various trainings and events I host has increased significantly, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in regards to how much more attendees learn, contribute and have built new relationships with other attendees. 

Karen and Stewart provide a magnificent mix of knowledge, research and evidence along with tools, strategies and methods that are transferable across many environments. 

Finally, as a result of being able to effectively manage large groups of individuals in workshop settings from all levels, not only has this increase my confidence and competency greatly, the experience that participants and attendees now get could not have happened without the legacy of attending this unique and inspirational training

Jaime McBrearty,Director YMindset



In my role as Property Services Manager of a community based housing association I worked with both Karen and Stewart to develop skills and strategies that allowed me to successfully facilitate collaborative decision making processes required for both our residential weekend and strategy days with our Management Committee.  The techniques used allowed everyone present to evenly contribute and was successful in ensuring some the quieter members of the Committee were comfortable in expressing their views, having their voice heard and ideas developed.  These skills have also been regularly used in my team and department meetings. 

I believe that the skills, techniques and strategies I have developed, as a result of working with Karen and Stewart, have resulted in meetings and presentations being much more interactive, informative and enjoyable for all present and through feedback we know  participants are appreciative of being at the core of decision making process.  I would not hesitate to recommend Karen and Stewart to any business. 

Neil Munro Property Services Manager, Prospect Community Housing, Edinburgh



 Karen and Stewart are just inspirational people. As an educator, coach, and facilitator myself I was amazed with what I was able to take away from their training. From an ideas perspective I was introduced to new ways of working with my own groups and a far greater understanding of how teams of people can function more efficiently.
Moreover, from a delivery perspective they were all that and more: Engaging, funny, knowledgeable, understanding of my needs and above all, human. 
I could not recommend their services more!

Alan Clark , Director, The Wellbeing Venture



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Cooperative Learning Consultants Limited

We are independent education consultants based in the UK. We offer a variety of training, interventions and coaching. These are all based on specific, bespoke needs relating to teaching methodologies which includes Cooperative Learning.

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