Big Smart Switchover


16th September 2020

Xplore Dundee is ripping up one of its paper tickets and moving it exclusively onto smartcard.

From Monday 21st September the adult 10-TripSaver will no longer be issued in paper form, it will only be offered as a smartcard top-up.

Managing Director Christine McGlasson said: “We’re aiming to modernise and simplify the way customers buy their tickets. Our myXplore smartcards offer greater flexibility and security; if the card is lost or stolen we can replace any outstanding value, whereas when a paper ticket is gone, it’s gone forever.

“You can also mix and match the best tickets for you on the smartcard - most can be bought on bus from the driver using contactless payment, so it’s quick and easy.”

Smartcards can be registered at the Xplore Dundee Travel Centre in Commercial Street.

Children and young people can still buy and use paper 10-TripSaver tickets until a smart option is available; any existing adult paper tickets will be accepted for travel until the last bus on Saturday 31 October.

Xplore Dundee

As Dundee's principal public transport provider, we fulfill around 35,000 passenger journeys every day. Our service is part of the fabric of the city - carrying people where they need to be, and employing more than 300 people.

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