Capital Document Solutions says return to offices has stalled in Scotland


16th September 2020

Capital Document Solutions, which maintains office printers across Scotland, thinks it is in a unique position to act as a barometer of how businesses are resuming.

The company has detailed metrics, from the number of copies and prints made and the amount of toner used, to the number of installations being carried out.

It maintains almost 13,000 printing devices to around 4,000 businesses.

Tom Flockhart, managing director and founder of the business, said: “What our KPI’s are telling us at the moment is that the return to work has settled very stubbornly at around 40% of the pre-Covid levels. As the lockdown continues to ease we had expected to see that figure climbing.”

As the biggest independent copy-scan-print expert in Scotland, Capital Document Solutions dominates its field.

Significant numbers of its printers, copiers and other multi-function devices are remotely monitored – in effect giving the firm “smart meter”-type insights into device usage.

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