Third Circular Tayside Ambassador meeting- 18.09.2020- Circular Tayside Charter


29th September 2020

On the 18.09.2020 we held our third Circular Tayside Ambassadors meeting via Zoom.

This session was part of the development of our Circular Tayside Charter. The charter started being developed in March 2020 by Vaso Makri in partnership with Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland. An important part of the development was to consult local organisations on the charter levels and awards and identify potential issues. This was necessary in order to foresee potential problems, and ensure that the different levels and awards were accessible and relevant to organisations of all sizes and types.

Since the charter is not yet finalised at the moment this entry is being made, we are not able to publish the entire charter.

However, you can find the executive summary of the meeting in the document below, and you will have full access to the meeting notes once the charter has been published.

Third Circular Tayside Ambassadors meeting- 18.09.2020- Circular Tayside Charter- List of participants and executive summary

If you are part of a Tayside-based organisation and would like to take part in the consultation, offer your insight and help co-design this charter, please contact us here until 31st October 2020.

If you are part of a Tayside-based organisation and eager to contribute to a circular economy, join our Circular Tayside Ambassadors group by contacting us.

Once again, big thanks to our fantastic Circular Tayside Ambassadors team for helping us design and deliver this project in the local area.

We could not have done it without them!

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