Circular Tayside Newsletter September 2020


7th October 2020

Hi ,

This September was pretty full on for Circular Tayside.

We started with a joint workshop with Circular North-East, where we delivered our Circular Canvas. For those of you you haven’t checked it out yet, this is an image of it. It is based on the traditional business canvas but has some added fields. The canvas was made by Circulab, a French company that creates circular economy tools.


It is a great tool to take projects, products, business models and even events through. in order to identify waste and alternative uses for it. Circular Tayside provides this on a 1-2-1 online basis and a session might last between 1-4 hours per company depending on size and amount of detail required. Contact us to book a meeting!

We continued the month by attending the Angus Tourism Huddle.

It was very interesting hearing about all the challenges the tourism sector is faced with, but also the opportunities for change. One interesting balance to explore is waste generation form touristic activities and how these can become more circular. This is something Circular Tayside has already explored with Cateran Ecomuseum and we are happy to explore more.


Our next presentation was at an EduJam event organised by the Service Design Academy.

It was a great event, pulling students and educators from all over the world to explore several themes. It was a pleasure explaining the basics of circular economy to the next generation.


September also hosted our third Circular Tayside Ambassadors meeting. Once again our ambassadors helped us design the Circular Tayside project by offering fantastic input to our developing Circular Tayside Charter and helping us make it relevant to organisations of all types and sizes.


Here you can find the summary of the meeting. Our next steps include continuing the consultation with local organisations and piloting with a few of them. If you are interested in being part of the pilot please contact us.


Our last event of the month was a joint event with Tevi Cornwall and Circle Economy Holland which was also part of the World Circular Economy Forum side events.  We shared best practice examples and showcased our local circular businesses. Our local Kinross Wooden Products products presented a fantastic example of circularity in action and how they thrived even in times of Covid-19. You can fid the wrap-up of the event and the recording here.



So what is in the cards for October 2020?


We start the month with the online delivery of our first, pilot online version of the Zero Waste Scotland innovation canvas on the 1st of October. Co-delivered with Zero Waste Scotland, in this event,  we will be helping 5 local businesses with their circular innovative ideas to identify strengths and weaknesses. We also deliver these sessions on a 1-2-1 basis, so if you have a circular innovative idea get in touch! .


We continue with another event on the 20th of October. Circular Tayside will be partnering up with Dundee University to deliver a session on biomimicry and circular economy. Kevin Frediani, curator of Dundee Botanic Gardens and Circular Tayside Ambassador,  and Jacquelyn Malcolm, senor lecturer in Art and Design will be our speakers and walk us through the subject. More details and bookings here.


The rest of the month will focus on supporting local businesses with the use of our tools and further developing our charter. If you would like to offer your insight, please get in touch and take part in the consultations until the 31st of October.



Check out our website here for the latest updates and Circular Tayside events, become one of our Be Inspired stories and be showcased on our Map, and join our Circular Tayside Ambassador team.

Circular Tayside

Circular Tayside is delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce and Perthshire Chamber of Commerce. Circular Tayside is an initiative that: Raises awareness of the circular economy, the role the local businesses have to play in it, and how they will benefit. Facilitates collaboration amongst the local business community to enable our circular economy to develop. Supports individual businesses as they begin to identify and implement new and innovative approaches to businesses that support a transition to a circular economy Brings together a group of Circular Tayside Ambassadors who will be leaders in their sectors and champions of the circular economy.

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