Independent testing body confirms airtight membrane performance


13th October 2020

Wraptite®, the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier
certified by the BBA has successfully undergone independent testing
to confirm its performance compliance with the requirements of
the current standards on airtightness as outlined by the Centre for
Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT).

Testing was carried out by Wintech Testing & Certification, an
independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory and certification
body. The test methods were based on the CWCT Standard Test
methods for Building Envelopes - December 2005, section 5 for air
leakage (infiltration & exfiltration).

Tests were carried out for both Air Leakage (Infiltration) and Air
Leakage (Exfiltration). In all cases, the product passed the tests and
achieved results which were significantly below the permissible values
for air leakage as outlined in the CWCT standard. See Graph 1 - Air
Permeability - Area.

By reducing the likelihood of potential failures to meet designed
airtightness levels, the Wraptite System helps ensure “as-designed”
performance, narrowing the performance gap between as-designed
and actual energy performance.

Unlike internal air barriers, which can be complex and costly to install
due to the need to accommodate building services such as electrical,
lighting, heating and drainage systems, positioning the Wraptite air
barrier on the outside of the structural frame also simplifies the
process of maintaining the envelope’s integrity, as there are less
building services and structural penetrations to be sealed.

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