DLR Media Offer a Virtual Helping Hand for Online Retailers Through Quarter Four


19th October 2020

Local marketing and communications agency DLR Media have launched a free Selling Online webinar series to allow businesses to tap into the endless opportunities of the digital world.

The UK is the world’s third-largest e-commerce market and e-commerce now accounts for more than one quarter of all retail sales inside the country.

With brick and mortar stores struggling to deal with social distancing measures and lower footfall, many businesses have been forced to adapt to new marketplaces. Since the beginning of the pandemic, online spending has grown by 74% and more people than ever are set to do their Christmas shopping online this year.

DLR Media’s free webinar series, starting weekly from Tuesday 20th October, will give expert advice and practical guidance to help you maximise profits through the online world.

Hosted by DLR Media’s Head of Business Development, Paul Mcdonald, the series includes key talking points for the peak season; Taking Your Business Online, Industry Insights and Trends, Getting Black Friday Ready, Is Your Business Christmas Ready and Expanding Your Web Offering.

From customer service insights to environmentally friendly expectations, DLR Media offer practical guidance and advice for the online world through this new webinar series.

Daniel Rosie, Managing Director of DLR Media, said: “Adapting to the new normal can often mean changing how your business operates and DLR Media want to help businesses survive and thrive by showcasing the benefits of online selling.”

Paul Mcdonald, Head of Business Development at DLR Media, said: “Our free Getting Online webinar series is a fantastic tool for those who are new to the digital world or businesses who are already online and wish to gain expert industry insights.”

“We are excited to launch this webinar series and share our knowledge so that local businesses can have a successful quarter four.”

DLR Media’s free Selling Online webinar series is available to all service and e-commerce businesses throughout the UK. See below for dates, times and links to book your place.

Tuesday 20th October 2020, 10.30am
Taking your Business Online
Booking Link: https://www.dlrmedia.co.uk/dlr-media-webinar-taking-your-business-online/ 

Tuesday 27th October 2020, 6pm
Industry Insights and Trends
Booking Link: https://www.dlrmedia.co.uk/dlr-media-webinar-industry-insights-and-trends/ 

Tuesday 3rd November 2020, 6pm
Getting Black Friday Ready
Booking Link: https://www.dlrmedia.co.uk/dlr-media-webinar-getting-ready-for-black-friday/ 

Tuesday 10th November 2020, 10.30am
Is your Business Christmas Ready
Booking Link: https://www.dlrmedia.co.uk/dlr-media-webinar-is-your-business-christmas-ready/ 

Tuesday 17th November 2020, 10.30am
Expanding your Web Offering
Booking Link: https://www.dlrmedia.co.uk/dlr-media-webinar-expanding-your-web-offering/ 


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