Food Redistribution Matchmaking Service from Zero Waste Scotland


28th October 2020

Connecting suppliers with organisations in need.

Zero Waste Scotland has launched an online matchmaking service aimed at rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted, by connecting suppliers with surplus produce and organisations that will benefit from it.

The service was created in response to disruptions felt right across the supply chain due to the coronavirus situation and is intended as a help to manage previously unforeseen gluts, where no other solution is in place.

Ensuring surpluses do not go to waste by redistribution has the benefit of providing quality food to those who can use it as well as protecting the environment. We’d encourage food suppliers with surplus to get involved.

If you are a food and drink business that has good surplus food that’s at risk of going to waste, ZWS may be able to connect you with a redistribution organisation in your area.

Fill in their quick webform here to tell them more. Alternatively, email or call 01786 433930 (9 am – 5 pm).

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