Dundee cleaning products firm plans to be 100 times current size by 2025


3rd November 2020

Erik Smyth isn’t satisfied with a 12,000% sales rise and a workforce that’s increased from two to 25 this year.

The chief executive behind the Dew range of cleaning products sees no reason why his Dundee company can’t eventually make hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

Mr Smyth formed Ecoanolytes in 2018 after discovering the cleaning properties of electrolysed water which can be 30 times the power of bleach while remaining safe to drink if accidentally swallowed.

After initially looking to market the product to industry he launched the consumer facing Dew brand of disinfectant and cleaning products. It was an instant success.

“Initially we worked with fish companies to look at using the product as part of food processing – we thought we could extend the shelf life and make it suitable for export to the US,” Mr Smyth said.

“The trials were positive, the length of existing supplier contracts proved to be a barrier.

“So we launched the consumer brand with an emphasis on our environmentally friendly ethos and the use of refills. The products just took off.
“People were buying online and leaving glowing reviews – by default it became our main focus.”

Mr Symth claims his cleaning products are lower cost, more effective and kinder to the skin compared with most found on supermarket shelves, such as alcohol-based sanitisers.

Since then the business has created a range of misting devices to help sanitise schools, businesses and public spaces.

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Ecoanolytes Limited

Ecoanolytes Ew and DEW range of disinfection and cleaning products are made from deionised water, high purity salt and a small quantity of electricity.

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