Dundee jobs boost as first company sets up at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc


6th November 2020

The new chief executive of Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) said jobs created by a battery firm setting up on campus will be the first of many in the next year.

MEP Technologies Ltd comes to the site exactly two years since Michelin’s workers were informed the Dundee tyre factory was to close.

Backed by Michelin, Dundee City Council and Scottish Enterprise, MSIP hopes to attract dozens of companies in the field of sustainable transport and low carbon energy.

The ultimate aim is to replace the 850 jobs lost with the closure of the tyre factory which had operated in the city for almost half a century.

Greig Coull, a long-serving Michelin employee who succeeded John Reid as the MSIP at the start of October, said he is “fully confident” hundreds of high quality sustainable jobs will be created.

He said: “The interest in the project has been quite incredible – it’s been accelerating despite Covid-19.

“The number of companies we are in discussions with has gone up and up – it’s currently 85 people interested in coming to Dundee. The word is out there.

“We are ready to make MSIP something our partners and the city will be proud of.”

MEP Technologies designs and manufactures bespoke battery systems for a wide range of applications including challenging offshore environments and electric vehicle systems. It also carries out research and development work.

To read more about the next stage plans for the Parc, please visit The Courier Online 

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc Ltd. (MSIP)

Creating a new future for people, place and planet MSIP is an ambitious joint venture between Dundee City Council, Michelin, and Scottish Enterprise, created to drive growth and diversity in the Scottish economy while addressing the global climate emergency.

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