Grey Lodge and Dover Fueling Solutions help spread Christmas cheer


15th December 2020

Dundee charity the Grey Lodge Settlement and Dover Fueling Solutions are helping to spread some Christmas cheer by handing out gifts and sweets to older people across the city.

The team at the Grey Lodge Settlement, based in the Hilltown, is busy handing out 60 Christmas boxes and 300 bags of sweets to pensioners they work with on a weekly basis.

Alan Duncan, manager at the Grey Lodge, said, even though Covid-19 has affected normality this Christmas, it would not stop him and his volunteers from helping others.

“Dover Fueling Solutions wanted to do something charitable this year for older people in the community and they contacted Age Scotland and it all snowballed from there,” Alan explained.

“They came up with 60 Christmas boxes full of stuff and we have come up with the people to give them to.

“It includes a warm blanket, gloves, biscuits, sweets, a puzzle book and a card and it is in a beautiful box.

“We have an open door project which is for frail, elderly and housebound people, and normally we take them out each week to do their shopping on a minibus but we haven’t been able to do that with coronavirus.

“But we have kept in touch with them over the phone and have been delivering their shopping, and 24 of the Christmas boxes have gone to them.

“The other boxes have gone to members of our over 50s dance group.

“Everyone has been so appreciative of them.


From left, Stephanie Gilbert, shared service support manager at Dover Fueling, Alan Duncan, Grey Lodge Settlement, and Laura Robertson, senior executive assistant at Dover Fueling.

“We are also delivering 300 bags of Christmas sweets to sheltered housing complexes.

“Some of these older people are getting very little face-to-face contact which is quite sad.

“We are seeing the impact coronavirus has had on them, it is marooning people and confining them and their health has taken a hit.

“It is really humbling to be part of this community project and bring people together – it has been fantastic to see people’s reactions on the doorstep.”

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