Flexi tickets for flexi travel


13th April 2021

Xplore Dundee is offering new flexible mTickets for those whose are travelling differently after lockdown.

The three new tickets will be available on the bus operator’s app from Monday 12th April.

Managing Director Christine McGlasson said: “We recognise that people’s travel patterns are now very different to how they were before the pandemic. We need to make sure we’re offering the right options for those customers who want to plan in advance, but can’t commit to making daily or maybe even weekly journeys.

“These three new mTickets have been designed with these customers in mind – they’re giving people the freedom to travel whenever they like and ensure they are getting the best value ticket for their needs.”

The new tickets available from 12th April are:

Adult 4-WeekSaver Subscription
Unlimited travel around the network with a recurring payment of £48 every 28 days (that's £2 off the price of a regular 4-WeekSaver). This means regular passengers can set up their tickets to automatically carry on every month and the subscription can be cancelled at any time.*

Adult 5-DaySaver Bundle
Buy now, travel later with a flexible bundle of five DaySavers for just £15 (that's a saving of more than 15%). These can be used at any time within a twelve month period, which means customers are not tied to a traditional WeeklySaver running over seven consecutive days for those who are not commuting as often as before.

Adult 5-TripSaver Bundle
Buy now, travel later with a flexible bundle of five single trips for £9 (that's just £1.80 per journey, travelling any distance on one bus). This ticket is similar to the existing 10-TripSaver, but gives more freedom to choose when to travel. These can also be used at any time within a twelve month period.

*This ticket is slightly different to the usual Monthly Direct Debit bus pass, which will soon be loaded onto a smartcard.

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