One Year On: Employee volunteering platform urges businesses to keep up support


21st May 2021

As restrictions ease and isolation subsides, employee volunteering platform Social Good Connect, launched a year ago on 21 May 2020, is calling for business leaders to ‘carry on giving back’ to the communities they serve.

Dundee-based founder and CEO Caroline McKenna set up the social enterprise six months ahead of schedule in response to the pandemic. Over 150 Scotland-based businesses and charities - many of them UK-wide - have joined the movement, including Thorntons Law, Ooni, Grant Thornton, Ninja Kiwi, Tayside Cancer Support, Care & Share Companionship and Marie Curie

The non-profit digital search and match platform was created for company employees to volunteer with their employer’s support and help overstretched charities and struggling communities. Businesses call it a professional helping hand that enables them ‘give back with less hassle’. Employees create a profile and choose a cause that matches their skills and interests and volunteer on work time in their local community. Companies large and small, in all types of sector, report a greater sense of purpose and morale-boost among furloughed and working employees. It’s an easy, inspiring social responsibility no-brainer, say CEOs and charity heads.

“The platform has given us a new avenue of skilled support in Dundee. It’s unique in that opportunities can be matched with relevant professional experience as well as interests. Our demand was high, we needed a quick response, and the turnround from Social Good Connect was very fast.”
DVVA (Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action)

“It’s always proved difficult to find new befrienders. The relationship with Social Good Connect has made a huge and valuable difference.”Tayside Cancer Support

“It’s a feel-good initiative that makes business sense and suits both introverts and extroverts. You’re helping employees grow a sense of purpose and wellbeing outside of work, you’re making a big difference to charities who really need skilled help, and you’re helping yourself retain a motivated workforce.”Ninja Kiwi

“Social Good Connect is a professional helping hand in making volunteering happen, especially with less visible charities. The matching service enables our employees to give back and connect with causes that really interest them. It’s eases the pressure and admin that often stops organisations getting employee volunteering off the ground.” Forth Valley College

“If you can help your people contribute to society by helping them volunteer on work time and in a supportive framework like Social Good Connect, why wouldn’t you?!”Golphin

Find out more about Social Good Connect over on their website

Social Good Connect

Social Good Connect is a social enterprise making employee volunteering easy. We've created an app that intelligently matches employees with their ideal volunteering opportunities based on their skills, hobbies and passions.

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