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30th June 2021

The ever-growing problem of wild camping has led NFU Scotland to link up with outdoor equipment and clothing retailer Tiso and Scottish chef and BBC presenter Nick Nairn for an educational campaign. 

Abuse of Scottish farmland and outdoor spaces has become a problem thanks to Covid restrictions on foreign travel. Without action the situation is likely to worsen during the summer season the consortium believes. 

Tiso has worked with Mr Nairn to make a short video reminding people to camp responsibly and to refer to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code if in any doubt. 

NFU Scotland president Martin Kennedy said: "When wild camping, people want to do the right thing in terms of not distressing the animals, damaging crops, dropping litter and disturbing wildlife.

"This video encourages all wild campers, whether a newcomer or experienced, to have an enjoyable, safe and responsible time while respecting those living and working in the country."

Mr Nairn said: "I have enjoyed the solitude of wild camping for 20 years, and waking up to a sunrise on the top of a Munro is one of my favourite moments in life. I am concerned and have witnissed first-hand the behaviours of campers leaving dirty nappies, playing loud music, and littering. It is disrespectful to the people who live and work in the countryside."

Tiso CEO Chris Tiso said: "Three generations of our family have enjoyed wild camping and Tiso is committed to promoting responsible practice and access within the outdoors."

Article taken from The Courier. 

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