Miller Coffee wowing customers at camp site cabin


6th July 2021

Michael Miller is the man behind the Miller Coffee Cabin which has been serving hot rolls, burgers and, of course, coffee at Nydie Camp Site, near Strathkinness.

The 33-year-old has worked in hospitality his entire life but, along with his father, decided to bring out his own range of coffee after going out for a meal and finding out that the after-dinner coffee was, well, rubbish!

His latest venture takes Michael back to his roots of providing great food for hungry customers – and he is loving every minute of it, despite working seven days a week.

With his signature, Miller Burger (a succulent burger topped with thinly sliced steak that has been seasoned with six spices, cheese and three sauces), proving popular, the coffee cabin’s reputation is growing.

Having worked in hospitality in a number of well-known hotels and restaurants, Michael, who is married to Alison with whom he has two children Charlie, 9, and Brooke, 4, moved into producing coffee with his father, also Michael, after seeing a gap in the market in 2018.

“I have been general manager of hotels, worked at the Apex as duty manager there, I have worked at Fairmont and the Old Course, so hospitality is my speciality. Then I have worked with chefs like Dean Banks, from MasterChef, at Haar and then I went into coffee,” he explained.

“My father and I decided we would get into coffee after we went out for a meal and the coffee afterwards was awful so we jokingly said ‘Let’s make our own’, and that was what we did, establishing Miller Coffee.

“I have a roasting house in Dundee which I share with another producer. We roast our own coffee which is ace. That is how it all started and our coffee is now in 11 Michelin Star restaurants in the UK including the Peat Inn, the Grange in St Andrews and other places are stocking our coffee too.”

And he has some unusual names for his coffee – Gie it Laldy, Gonne No Dae that and Miller B +.

“The Gie it Laldy is the one we supply to the restaurants and it is named after where I am from around the NC500,” added Michael who hails from Thurso but moved here 16 years ago.

He said things really took off with the coffee, with the opportunity to take on the cabin one he didn’t want to miss.

Michael continued: “We started off by roasting the coffee, then we went online and it all spiralled from there. I was invited to come up here and take these premises on and because of how well it did online it has been doing extremely well here, too.

“I have only been open for three weeks and things have been going really well.”

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Miller Coffee

Miller Coffee goes the extra mile for the perfect cup, we want people to enjoy coffee and not settle for poor coffee, our coffee is luxury and smooth. Miler Coffee is possibly the best coffee in the world.

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