Discovery To Lose Masts During Repair Work


3rd November 2014

The masts of the RRS Discovery will be missing from the city’s skyline as it goes through a £330,000 refurbishment.

Work will start next year on the ship’s topgallant, topmast and the front spars. They will be taken down for the vital renovation works.

Operations director Mark Munsie said the vessel, which is berthed at Discovery Point, is going through a six-year renovation project to keep it in top condition.

He said: “Everyone driving through Dundee sees the ship, so it is important we keep it looking pristine.

“We’re continually carrying out these works so the ship will be able to be enjoyed by visitors for years to come.”

This section of the project will cost £60,000.

The masts at the front will be taken down at the beginning of April, with the necessary repairs and refurbishment undertaken by specialist shipbuilders.

The major works will not restrict visitors to the attraction.

“We aim to keep restrictions to public access to a minimum,” Mr Munsie continued.

“The masts will be brought down and worked in a marquee right beside the ship, which will allow visitors to get up close and see all the fascinating parts they will not have seen before.”

Mr Munsie added: “Along with the repairs undertaken in the six-year project, the vessel is in need of constant repair.

“Major repairs can be carried out only during the summer months when the weather is drier and those working on the ship can use the lighter days to their advantage.

“We are on track with the project so far, with this phase projected to be complete by next September.”

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