IMPC IPhone6s Exclusive Offer


25th September 2015


Happy iPhone Day! 

Once again we see the launch of another iPhone. If you are tempted to change your mobile or change your product, one of the key things we would advise people is take to your time. There are a lot of offers and a lot of packages, but there are also a lot of terms and conditions that can hit people quite hard. 

If you are thinking of renewing your contract, please let us perform a free audit to see exactly what you need and don\'t need. This care and dedication is what separates us from the high street suppliers. On some occasions, you are better off purchasing the phone outright, but for most financing the handset in full is by far the better option. 

Above is an offer that we would recommend to all members of the Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce.

And have a happy iPhone Friday! 


Terms and conditions:

2 Minimum Order, must be a Limited Company. * Balloon payment is fair market value at the time so is subject to change. Must be purchased with mobile connection from IMPC. This quotation is subject to formal credit and deal structure sanction, changes in cost of funds, and an initial documentation fee to Apple Finance of £83.33. All payments exclude VAT adnd will be collected quarterly by direct debit.


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