Do We Need Face to Face Communication in a Social Media World?


27th July 2016

There’s a temptation nowadays to assume that all communication is internet or IT based and that the need to speak face to face has lessened. And it’s probably true that a lot of people feel more comfortable emailing or tweeting rather than speaking directly to someone in the same room.

Nevertheless research by Jonah Berger (Contagious: Why Things Catch On indicates that only 7% of word of mouth communication happens on-line - through tweets, email blogs etc. We tend to think on-line communication dominates because we can see tweets and emails whereas we can’t see conversations.

The fact that we all spend a lot of time writing on-line means that we spend less time on soft skills such as speaking and interpersonal interaction. This can also mean that people avoid direct speaking contact because they don’t feel comfortable in doing this in a work context.

That’s why workshops in speaking effectively in business are becoming increasingly necessary and why people are flocking to organisations such as Toastmasters International (there’s a club in Dundee - check

In fact there’s a series of workshops coming up in Dundee in August. Details are available at

Eugene Clarke is founder of People Growth and has spent over thirty years helping individuals and businesses communicate better.  He can be contacted at or 07790 881760

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