Getting in the Festive Spirit with South Powrie Farm


2nd December 2016

At this time of year, we are all beginning to feel more festive and are generally in the throws of deciding what to eat, drink and give at Christmas. At South Powrie Farm in Angus, the family are working hard to make sure they put the best tasting turkey on the tables of Dundee and Angus on the 25th of December. The Pate family have been farming at South Powrie for four generations and are principally an arable farm growing cereals for food, drink and biofuels. They also rear KellyBronze turkeys for Christmas, sticking to old fashioned, artisan methods to make sure the turkeys taste every bit as good as they should. Their turkeys free range in the open air in a paddock with an impressive view of Dundee Law, eating a natural diet and foraging as they would in the wild. They are grown to full maturity, dry plucked and game hung, which all combines to give them their full flavour and more tender eating experience.

One of the big joys of a KellyBronze, which is a trademark that ensures quality and ethical practice, is that it cooks very quickly. On average a South Powrie turkey will cook in a couple of hours. The number one rule is not to stuff it, as this slows down the cooking, and there’s no need to make gravy as the turkey will be surrounded by beautiful natural juices. Furnished with full cooking instructions and a thermometer, it’s possible cooking the turkey will be one of the least stressful parts of the day – more time for fizz and family! At Christmas-time, customers collect their turkey direct from a rustic pop up shop in a shed at the farm and enjoy a glass of mulled wine. You can also buy other locally-produced Christmas food, including Puddledub chipolatas and stuffing, Silla Keyser’s luxury puddings and cakes, and farm fresh local veg and eggs. For more information see @southpowriefarm


South Powrie Farm

We are a family farm on the outskirts of Dundee producing free range KellyBronze turkeys for Christmas for you to collect direct from the farm. We\'re passionate about good food, and our turkeys are slow-grown to full maturity in the outdoors, dry-plucked and game hung to give you the very best tasting, beautifully moist turkey. Collect Angus/Fife.

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