Japan Commercial Trip


26th April 2017

My name is Iain McArthur and I am the owner of Kellas, a Business Consultancy operation based in Dundee.

I am making a business trip to Japan end of May/ beginning of June and will be based in Tokyo. On  arranging this trip I decided to extend my stay in Japan and offer some of this extended time to businesses who may have a desire to enter the Japanese market but are reluctant to commit time and resources towards sending their own executives on a speculative long haul trip.

You may be interested to explore business opportunities in Japan or have already established initial contacts or sales but feel you may benefit from having a “boots on the ground” presence to at least determine the scale of interest in your products and/ or services.

My background is that of developing international business opportunities - I spent 20 years living and working in six countries in Europe and the Middle East. I worked initially for two of the largest US multinationals, GE and 3M then established my own business based in the Middle East with offices in Dubai and also in the Far East developing business in China and other regions. I maintained my links with both GE and 3M representing their interests in certain sectors or developing specific projects on their behalf.

You may already be working in overseas markets and if so you will be aware of the benefits of visiting your customers where face-to-face meetings are often vital for sound business relationships. My intended role is to make first inroads for your business in the Japanese market and to determine the scope of interest for your products and services in this key international marketplace.

The Japanese place a high level of value on etiquette and protocol during any type of business affairs.

If you are interested to pursue this offer further please get in touch as soon as possible - my intention is to hold a small portfolio of companies who may wish to look at this opportunity and work with them on an ongoing basis to develop the international sections of their business.



Kellas is a Business Consultancy based in Dundee

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