Moving to a Care Home


12th January 2018

Advice for people who are moving to a Care Home, and their families, is now available through a new online resource produced by the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership.

The information is intended to help offer support during what can be a difficult and emotional time for individuals and their relatives.

Councillor Ken Lynn, Chair of the Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “This new resource clearly identifies the key steps in the process when people have to move into a Care Home.

“These events can lead to anxiety and distress and I am keen that we can offer as much assistance as possible.

“There are always differences for each individual, but we are trying to focus on the main issues.

“This new resource also provides a number of pointers for people to be able to check that they are receiving relevant information at the right time, by suggesting questions to ask and things to consider.

The information is also available in leaflet form and can be found online at and in local libraries.

Councillor Lynn added: “I fully understand that this is a very stressful time for families and that is why we have made this guide to the process as easy to follow as possible.

“I would also like to thank the staff and family members who came together to create this resource, pulling on their professional and personal experience in supporting people in these situations.”

NHS Tayside

Because we all tend to think of it in health terms, we often lose sight of the fact that NHS Tayside is a major force in the local economy. Its spending, either directly on capital projects or indirectly through its staff salaries, sustains many private sector jobs. Its long standing and very successful collaboration with the University of Dundee has been significant in making Dundee a globally recognised leader in life sciences. And its work to improve the health of the population also benefits business, by providing local companies with healthier and, therefore, more productive workers. That is why everyone at DACC is excited about building even stronger links and more effective collaboration with NHS Tayside to create thriving communities across Dundee and Angus.

Dundee City Council

Dundee draws skilled workers from a 60-minute catchment population of 640,000 and has a local population of over 140,000. The availability of a large pool of highly skilled labour is a key feature in the Dundee economy. Flexibility in the labour force is currently more prevalent in Dundee than in Scotland as a whole. All forms of labour market flexibility - part-time, temporary employment, self-employment and shift work - are widely operational within the city. Labour force stability in the city is excellent, enabling companies to plan with confidence. Labour turnover levels are less than 5% and absenteeism averages 2%.

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