Signpost International Helps With Home Makeover


27th May 2011

Pregnant teenager finds support from local charity.

Having been left alone and pregnant, Jenny (not her real name) was placed in a barely habitable flat and with no budget to make it better. Her housing officer contacted Dundee charity Signpost International who organised a city-wide appeal involving staff and volunteers from the charity, the local community and three Dundee churches.

Signpost employee, Jamie Morrison said, 'The flat was in a real mess, and certainly not suitable for a soon-to-be-born baby! Jenny had made some attempts to make the flat habitable, but on her own it was really an impossible task.'

By the end of the weekend, the teams of workers had managed to clean down the flat, remove piles of rubbish, repair faulty electrics, and paint and decorate the flat's main living areas.

Jamie says, 'This has been a real community effort. Not only have the volunteers given their time and effort to this project, but many of them have also given donations to help pay for the cost of the decorating materials. With the support she has received Jenny is now able to move on with her life, and is planning to go to college in the autumn, after her baby is born.'

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