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30th July 2018

Uppertunity, a local community organisation working with adults with additional needs and learning disabilities, offers a 12 week capacity building program called Daring for Development. Our first pilot block began in July 2017, and we have since run another two full successful blocks. We decided to offer taster sessions of the different blocks in a shorter summer program.

This block has just come to an end, and some attendees have signed up for the full 12 week program taking place in September. All are staying on in some of our weekly groups and volunteering programs within Uppertunity.

So far, 13 individuals have completed the program, 10 staying on to volunteer with Uppertunity and 6 volunteering in outside organisations. All members are more involved in their community, with many having no activities or plans during their week prior to starting. This program has encouraged members to be more involved in their community, to think outside of the box, and be more aware of what they can offer the world. Daring For Development has helped raise the expectations of individuals with additional needs.

The program involves:

- Individuals attending groups and workshops, such as money management, cooking skills, safe travel and goal setting (43 workshops in total).

- Completing a volunteer placement, and receiving support in trying different volunteer roles

- Receiving one on one support

- Receiving support in sourcing activities outside of our own program

- Taking part in therapeutic activities

- Taking part in team building

- The full 12 weeks includes 90 hours of support as well as continued support after completion

What members of Daring for Development have to say:

"With what Sally (Sally not real name) has achieved with Uppertunity, it is hard to predict how far they can go. Sally didn't have a focus and would often just be walking about. Uppertunity has given Sally a big purpose to the week. Sally looks forward to it, they are busy and learning, it is good for Sally's mental health. I would never have imagined Sally at an Allotment ever, but Danielle just has a magic touch to encourage them to do things that they would never imagine doing. Even the sewing I would never have imagined that before then there is the meal makers too. That’s why it is hard to say about future hopes because Sally has come really far with Uppertunity and new things are still beginning to emerge." Interview with A.Guardian

"I feel more at home here than in my house, the people have made me welcome and I feel at peace"

What new things have you done since doing the Daring for Development program?


"Travelling on my own"

"Night away, it was the first time I was responsible for myself"

"I tried something I wasn’t comfortable with then decided it wasn’t for me"

"I am taking more responsibility in looking after my flat. Coming to the programme, I feel happy and more confident"

"Responsibility, I make sure I am respectful"

"I keep myself busy and my flat and myself tidy"

The next program takes place on the 10th of September and there are 4 spaces left. Please get in touch with Danielle on the below details for more information or to refer someone.




Uppertunity is a community interest company, providing a personal development service and inclusive social opportunities for adults with additional needs. We provide activities and opportunities for individuals to better themselves and their lives, leading to long term self-reliance. We do this by offering weekly social and creative groups, our Daring For Development program and meaningful volunteer opportunities.

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