Dundee firm Rautomead supported to secure China deal


29th June 2020

Dundee-based supplier Rautomead, who secured an order with a specialist Chinese metals manufacturing company in Xian, was among those supported by UKEF.

UKEF helped Rautomead secure the deal by using its Supplier Credit Scheme, which allows UK companies to get paid on dispatch for their exports while letting buyers benefit from deferred payment terms.

To secure the deal, UKEF provided a guarantee to the London Forfaiting Company, which meant the lender paid Rautomead 85% of the contract value after dispatch and collect repayments from the buyer – Shannaxi Sirui – over five years.

Rautomead managing director Brian Frame said: “UKEF’s support provided us with the flexibility to meet our customers request to pay for the equipment over an extended period rather than “up front”.

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Rautomead Ltd.

Rautomead has been provided expertise in continuous casting since 1978. They provide equipment and custom built continuous casting machines internationally for the melting and casting of non ferrous alloy wire rods, strips, billets and hollows.

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