Free Zero Waste Scotland e-module


1st September 2020

Start your fight against food waste with the inspiring and practical e-module from Zero Waste Scotland.

You’ll grasp the importance of food waste reduction to your business and to combatting climate change –get primed for positive waste-busting action.

The e-module is free for any Scottish food and drink business until the end of September. We are testing its effectiveness in helping businesses to cut costs, so we’d be grateful if you’d complete the short questionnaires before and after you view the module.

Sign up to the food waste challenge by signing up to their e-module. Once you’ve entered your details, pleased select ‘Zero Waste Scotland’.

Zero Waste Scotland

Helping Scotland create a more #CircularEconomy & realise the economic, environmental & social benefits of using resources sustainably. #ScotGov & #ESIF funded.

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