Jobs boost as two pioneering plastic recycling firms to set up in Perthshire


26th October 2020

Two pioneering multi-million-pound recycling businesses will set up beside each other in Perthshire next year.

Both located at Binn Eco Park in Glenfarg, Pi Polymer Recycling and Recycling Technologies are separate but complementary projects to tackle the scourge of plastic waste.

Pi Polymer Recycling will bring a world-first system to process large rigid plastics such as garden furniture, pipes, toys and industrial containers.

The £1.8 million investment, which has been backed by a Zero Waste Scotland grant of £570,000, will have the capacity to recycle up to 24,000 tonnes a year at a 15,000 sq ft facility.

Taking a different approach, Recycling Technologies will use its machinery to turn complicated unrecyclable plastic packaging into an oil, which can then be
used to make new plastic and other industrial materials.

Binn Group will act as the supply chain partner for both projects.

Pi Polymer Recycling owner John Ferguson explained: “Our system can upcycle large rigid plastics from households and industry into separated, washed regrind and pelletised polymers.

“We are hoping to be up and running by the middle of next year and it will create around 20 jobs.

“With large plastics, customers don’t want to have to take them far.

“Plastic waste is very costly to move long distances so our facilities are designed to operate at a regional level with plants across the country, stimulating local recycled plastics manufacturing economies.

“After setting up in Perth, our intention is to put plants near the plastics all over the world.”

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