Tackling fuel poverty and promoting energy efficiency


18th December 2020

As part of its commitment to promote and improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty, Angus Council is working in partnership with Scarf (Save Cash and Reduce Fuel) on a project aimed at the area’s private sector housing.

Two contractors – Qualis Scotland Ltd and Diversity Energy Solutions – have been authorised to carry out improvement works as part of the project.

Letters are being sent to households in certain areas of Angus inviting them to have a free survey of their property to help improve their home’s energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

These surveys will be carried out by either Qualis Scotland Ltd or Diversity Energy Solutions only. They will identify what suitable energy efficiency improvements can be made. No other contractors have been engaged to do this work.

Households that receive a letter from one of the contractors should not call Angus Council, but instead follow the instructions contained in the letter - either to proceed with a survey, opt out, or alternatively contact SCARF or the contractor for further information.

On attending at any home address, contracted representatives will automatically provide photo identification and a copy of the letter issued to the household. Residents should not allow surveys/access to their home if they have any concerns about the legitimacy of the person at their door.

If carried out, the survey will provide householders with clear, precise information relating to potential measures and timescales involved specific to their home. Most cases could be fully funded but, in some, a financial contribution might be required from the householder.

This is a pilot project aimed at specific areas in Angus, allowing contractors to manage workloads and target resources. It is hoped the project can be expanded to include other areas in the future.

By making themselves aware of the information and advice attached to this project, householders should not mistake it for any disreputable or unauthorised doorstep or phone callers.

The Council’s Trading Standards team has received reports of individuals pretending to be acting on behalf of the Scottish Government phoning and offering home insulation, partly funded by the council. This is a scam.

Trading Standards are advising anyone contacted by a caller claiming to be from Scottish Government, offering home insulation to call Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 164 6000.

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