Special Uplifts Service


5th January 2021

From armchairs to z-beds, Angus Council’s waste team has been hard at work to dispose of local resident’s unwanted household items this year.

Almost 2000 bulky items have been collected from Angus doorsteps in 2020 as part of the Council’s Special Uplifts service, guaranteeing that the household de-clutter is recycled or disposed of in a safe and, most importantly for the householder, legal way.

If someone is having a Christmas clear out, they shouldn’t let it clean out their bank account just because they took a chance on an unlicensed waste carrier.

By using the Special Uplifts service, they can sleep in heavenly peace, safe in the knowledge that their unwanted items won’t end up fly-tipped at the roadside or abandoned in a field.

Using an unlicensed waste carrier might seem cost-effective and convenient at first sight, but it can be a decision that harms the local communities and environment. It can also come with a heavy financial sucker-punch.

People have raised concerns about unauthorised waste removal and disposal service and they are right to be concerned. Householders who hand their rubbish to rogue disposal firms cannot guarantee their unwanted belongings won’t be quite literally ditched or strewn across the countryside.

When that happens and evidence leads back to the householder, then they can face a fine of anything between £200 and £40,000.

Reputable traders must be authorised by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and all registered Waste Carriers and Brokers are published on the SEPA’s website. This is not a requirement of Local Authorities.

Angus residents have proved they are among the very best in Scotland when it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling their waste and at ensuring the Right Stuff is in the Right Bin at the kerbside and the Right Stuff in the Right Skip at our recycling centres. Angus Council knows they also want to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of unwanted bulky household items.

The special uplifts service is an easy to use online system that ensures the proper collection and disposal of unwanted household items. And, if people are not using an unregistered or unofficial service, they don’t have to worry where it will end up.

The waste team will take away up to 12 items from an individual address at any one time, with charges starting at £27.30 for up to three items. A householder books and the Council collects, usually within five working days.

This year alone, the team has uplifted almost 700 sofas, around three hundred armchairs, 600 mattresses and nearly 300 fridges and freezers.

Treadmills, whirly gigs and a piano are among the wide-range of items collected in 2020 in Angus and, individually, they have all counted as just one item.

Go to Angus Council’s dedicated special uplifts of household items web pages for detailed information about the service.

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