Postal Vote Application Deadline Approaches


30th March 2021

Anyone wanting to vote by post is being encouraged to apply to do so ahead of the deadline on Tuesday April 6.

On Thursday May 6 residents in Dundee will go to the polls to cast their vote in the Scottish Parliament election. With the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, more voters than usual have applied to vote by post.

Returning Officer Greg Colgan, is encouraging those that wish to vote by post to apply to do so quickly as the deadline for applying approaches.

The final day for applying to vote by post is Tuesday April 6 at 5pm.

Mr Colgan explained: “We have received a 20% increase in the number of citizens in Dundee applying to vote by post at this election.

“We are aware that there are still a number of people wishing to vote by post and I would urge them to apply to do so well in advance of the deadline on April 6.

“Voters should note that the upcoming weekend is a bank holiday and we are expecting this to delay postal vote applications.”

Royal Mail has 35,000 Priority Post Boxes, these boxes have late collection times, with 98% of them having a collection time of after 4pm. You can find the nearest Priority Post Box 

Mr Colgan continued: “Please do plan ahead and ensure you can vote in the way you wish to.

“In Dundee most of our voters will vote in person and I would like to reassure both voters and staff working at the upcoming election that every effort is being made to ensure the election is as safe as possible.”

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