A View From The Bridge - Alison Henderson

Alison is CEO at Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber believes in investing in our workforce and has a Wellbeing at Work team that is drawn from across our business departments to support the whole team. We have focussed themes each month and have raised awareness with our team around cancer prevention, debt awareness and managing stress. As well as the internal work that we do we invest in Westfield Health plans for each of our team. If we can help you with any information about anything that you have read, please call us on 01382 228545

Looking after your Workforce Wellbeing

The role of Chambers of Commerce goes beyond networking and business development. We also offer an array of member benefits that can help improve the wellbeing of your employees. By taking advantage of these benefits, businesses can create a healthier, more productive workforce.
One of the most important member benefits offered by Chambers of Commerce is access to health and wellness programs. These programs can include everything from fitness classes to mental health support services. By promoting healthy behaviours and providing resources for employees to manage their physical and emotional health, businesses can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Encouraging employees to participate in these programs can also foster a sense of community and camaraderie within the workplace.
Another valuable benefit offered by Chambers of Commerce is access to educational opportunities. Through our events, and across our membership, businesses can find training and development courses that can help employees improve their skills and advance their careers. By investing in employees' professional development, businesses can not only improve the wellbeing of their workforce but also increase the success of their business. Studies have shown that employees who receive training and development opportunities are more engaged, motivated, and committed to their job.
In addition to health and wellness programs and educational opportunities, Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce also offers a range of discounts and cost-saving benefits. These can include Member Benefits such as Westfield Health, the discounted rate for accessing the Dundee & Angus College sports facilities and gym, to savings on business fuel expenses. By taking advantage of these discounts, businesses can reduce costs and reinvest those savings back into their employees or business operations.
Finally, we offer a huge range of networking and community-building opportunities that can benefit both the business and its employees. By connecting with other businesses in the community, employees can build relationships, learn from others, and gain new perspectives. These connections can also lead to new business opportunities and partnerships.
In conclusion, here at Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce we offer a wide range of member benefits that can help businesses improve the wellbeing of their workforce. By taking advantage of health and wellness programs, educational opportunities, cost-saving benefits, and networking opportunities, businesses can create a healthier, more engaged, and productive workforce. As the saying goes, "a happy employee is a productive employee," and investing in employee wellbeing is a win-win for both the employee and the business.
Following a recent DACC123 event held at Dundee Carers Centre, we focused on Workplace Wellbeing and there were a number of key resources and links we thought you’d all be interested in:


If you'd like more information about Dundee Carers Centre or any of the support that their teams can offer, you can call them on 01382 200422