In Your Shoes - Lee Harrow

Lee Harrow is Communications Director at Engage PR, a strategic communications agency. She joined the company in 2023, bringing 24 years of media and communications experience to the firm. She was formerly Deputy Editor of the Evening Telegraph, Editor-in-Chief in the magazines department at DC Thomson and worked in external relations at Abertay University.  
Engage provides a broad range of services from strategic communications and PR advisory services to social media management and copywriting for clients across sectors, including energy, property, legal, hospitality and finance.   


Mornings can be pretty hectic with two kids and a husband who works shifts, but I always make time bright and early for my non-negotiable – a weight training session or walk (the other at lunch time). I’m a very early riser and being active sets me up for the day ahead.   

The first task of the day is to read the newspapers and trade press relevant to our clients. It’s vital to keep up to speed with the latest news in the sectors we represent.  

I had a meeting with a client to discuss a comms strategy around a major acquisition. This also involved devising plans for brand building, marketing and media opportunities, drafting impactful and informative press releases, expertise articles and case studies. We also looked at how targeted social media activity can help reach the audiences needed.  

I often find, as someone who works mainly at home, that a change of scenery can really help inspire and invigorate – hence why my online banking shows far too many Costa coffee orders!

It’s especially fruitful when I have copywriting to do and so handy when the staff know your order before you’ve even had time to say hello! The Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc is another favourite for booking a working space for a few hours. Nice coffee there too – an absolute necessity!  


The train can be a great place to get work done and thankfully the Wi-Fi behaved as I headed up to Aberdeen for a client meeting and to catch up with members of the Engage team.  

It was also a relief that I’d remembered my noise-cancelling headphones as I needed to block out the snoring coming from the man sitting at the other side of the carriage.  

During the journey, I researched ideas for a thought leadership piece and worked on a pitch document for an expansion of our services to an existing client.  

I had a fruitful meeting with a client, making progress on our planned comms activities and interviewing their latest apprentice about his time with the firm.   

A storm was forecast and ScotRail had announced its services would be halting early so my return trip home was brought forward. I got home safe and sound late in the afternoon where I proofread an article that was to be issued to the media on behalf of a legal client.  


It’s my birthday!  

I opened presents with my family over breakfast – more trainers – I think I have an addiction!  

Rather than ponder the ever-increasing number of candles on my cake, I cracked on with strategies for clients’ communications plans. I knew that would be far less stressful.   

Lunch was a birthday treat at Sandbanks Brasserie in Broughty Ferry, MasterChef winner Jamie Scott's restaurant by the Tay. And what a treat it was. The food was delicious, with excellent service and a gorgeous location.  

Held a Teams call in the afternoon with my colleague Kate, to brainstorm ideas for a client’s health campaign. Love this time to be creative and come up with ideas. It’s too easy to get caught up in your to do list and forget to give yourself space and time to just think.

Some of my best ideas come when I’m out for a walk. There’s nothing like a bonnie sunrise or sunset walk along Monifieth Beach to stir your imagination.  


Today started with a home office drama ... my glass desk shattered, sending its contents – a monitor, printer, standing desk converter and even a wee plant - crashing to the floor, after scraping their way down the wall. Thankfully my laptop was downstairs with me!  

After a major clean-up operation, I could finally crack on (no pun intended) with my working day ... from the kitchen worktop.  

This was mainly a writing day - press releases, award submissions and an expertise article for clients across different sectors – from energy to business development and finance to legal firms.   

It’s one of the best parts of my job – true variety and the opportunity to deliver the best possible service to clients through impactful storytelling.  

All companies have compelling stories to tell. I love helping to dig them out and bring them to life. Contract wins, people profile articles, promoting innovations in industry, charity engagement, award successes and the likes are crucial in helping to build a brand’s reputation.  

Building fruitful relationships with the media and trade press is vital for this. I held a call with a regional newspaper journalist following a pitch I’d made for an exclusive article promoting the services of one of our clients.   

For this, we not only have to consider the copy we send to the media but also commission creative, eye-catching photography, plan a distribution list, consider any potential pitfalls, arrange follow up queries or interviews and have full awareness of deadlines and media demands.  


I’m always keen to develop in my role, which means continuous learning. Things evolve so quickly in business and in technology that it’s crucial to stay on top of it all. I logged on to a webinar which focused on building your LinkedIn profile – a tool that’s hugely important to us.  

It was really useful, with advice on using LinkedIn events to build an audience, as well as focusing a corporate social media strategy on the message you are delivering, the audience you are targeting and the offer you are selling. 

Learning lessons not just for clients but also for our own business, I also vowed to boost my own LinkedIn profile, in particular through thought leadership articles and blogs. Got to practice what I preach, after all!  

I always take 10 minutes on a Friday afternoon to look at what’s coming up the following week. I write up my to do list and any meetings or events using proper old-school pen and a notebook – writing it down helps to get it out of my head and more able to chill out at the weekend.

Well, as much as you can chill out when that weekend involves following Dundee United!