In Your Shoes - Becca McCallum

Ginger’s Becca McCallum is a digital marketing expert, assisting businesses of all sizes across Scotland and the UK, enhancing their online presence. 

Starting her professional journey in the world of fine art, Becca seamlessly blends her creative flair with technical expertise. Ginger has become a trusted resource for clients with Becca working closely with them, amplifying their digital footprint, and achieving significant results helping them grow.

Ginger operates within ALTAR Group, an employee-owned business, bringing together three specialist marketing consultancies:

Ginger – PR & Digital Marketing Consultants
Avian – Design Consultancy
Blue2 – Digital Strategy & Delivery

From expert media relations professionals to award-winning designers and developers, we combine diverse expertise to achieve excellence.

Monday - Crunching the Numbers

As the week kicks off, I'm all about diving into data analysis! I'm crunching numbers and putting together live dashboard reports that give us the lowdown on how our digital campaigns are performing. These reports truly are our secret weapon for monthly client calls, where we discuss strategies, tackle any pinch points, and get everyone on the same page for the weeks and months ahead. It’s imperative we’re set up for success for any and all upcoming activity. It's all about making sure our clients’ key messages are loud and clear in every campaign they deliver.

Tuesday - Team Collaboration and Networking Adventures

Our weekly team meeting is a highlight of my week, where we come together to brainstorm ideas, share updates on client work, and problem-solve as a collective unit. It's a time for creativity and collaboration, and most importantly, a chance to celebrate each other’s wins of the week.

In the afternoon, I often find myself attending events like DACC123, where I have the opportunity to network with industry peers and gain fresh perspectives on either the latest trends and innovations or in this case a local initiative that we can help bring to life.

Wednesdays - Boosting Client Presence Online.

Midweek is all about diving headfirst into the world of online advertising and communications. From tweaking Google Ads campaigns to crafting engaging social media content for use on organic and paid social ads, I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to boost our clients' presence effectively across different platforms. It's all about focused execution and strategic brainstorming, as we consistently deliver impressive ROI for our clients and achieve some seriously impressive results.

Thursday - Pursuing Opportunities and Building Partnerships

Today is a whirlwind of research, proposal writing, and catching up with potential new clients. I thrive on diving into fresh opportunities, spreading the word about our services, and working with businesses where we could make a difference. Learning about clients and their businesses is truly fascinating. I get a kick out of brainstorming ideas that could help them smash their goals. Whether it’s Meta ads, SEO, newsletters or placing press coverage. It's all about making things happen that will have a positive impact.

Friday - Bringing Brands to Life with Captivating Content

As the week winds down, Fridays are my favourite for one thing: capturing content! Whether it's snapping behind-the-scenes moments in the office or filming engaging product showcases, it's all about making our clients' brands pop with eye-catching visuals and killer videos. It's an absolute must for any online activity if you want your business to stand out!