In Your Shoes - Here's The Plan Team

A Day in Austin Parley’s Shoes

My name is Austin Parley, I am the Sustainability Coordinator at Here’s The Plan – what that entails is handling the aftercare service for our sustainable projects who are interested in exploring an alternative revenue source and contributing towards a greener future.

I will spend the morning using key information and reliable sources to update our internal database for the market wholesale prices, and assist the account managers advice clients with statistic trends. The routine I have adopted for updating and modernizing the database is the core of how we as utility consultants can give recommendations to our client base with confidence.

The political state of the world has a relationship with the aspect of my role in securing export contracts for clients with wind or solar projects. The driving force of Russia restricting LNG flows into other European countries can cause a monopoly and increase the value of wholesale due to a political event. Keeping on top of nation tensions can allow you to maintain a realistic commentary of where the market is today and what we can foresee in the short term.

I am an enthusiast for attending aquariums and observing aquatic animals in their natural habitat.

A Day in Ben Frame’s shoes

My name is Ben Frame and I am a Data Analyst for Here’s The Plan Ltd. Working for Here’s The Plan I have used the skills learned during my studies of Computing and Software Development to automate processes and streamline tasks.

I am part of a small team responsible for validating the invoices of our clients and a large chunk of my workday is spent performing invoice validation. This involves using software to calculate the expected charges for a given invoice and comparing them against the actual bill. Any discrepancies are flagged and the energy supplier and client will be informed. Additionally I am developing bespoke tools to produce invoices for various electricity submeters that are billed under one main electricity meter.

First thing in the morning I will try to retrieve the latest invoices of that day so we can carry out these validations. I will then validate these invoices one by one and note down the results for reporting. I have produced SQL code to collate tables of data for this purpose.

A part of my job is assessing the current work routine to look for opportunities for improvement with the use of software. The challenging part is performing this routine at the same time as this. But I found great enjoyment in curbing inefficiencies and streamlining work with software.

As I have studied Computing an interesting part of my job is being the unofficial IT guy to help my colleagues with any Excel queries or general computer problems. This has been rewarding to see my colleagues utilise the tools on their computers to the fullest to make their jobs easier.

A Day in Gemma Yeat’s shoes

My name is Gemma and I am a Business Administrator at Here’s The Plan. I have worked for Here’s The Plan for almost 9 months having spent the last 30 years in the world of Private Client taxation, including 23 years with Scotland’s largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers . I spend my working week in the office and enjoy being surrounded by the buzz generated from a busy office environment.

My working week starts on a Monday and the first thing I do with my day is check my emails and my activities for the day, then I look at my workload for the rest of the week and prioritize anything that needs done urgently. I support a team of three Account Managers as well as providing additional support across the whole business . Things can get pretty busy when there are important deadlines to be met so I need to be flexible and able to quickly reorganize my workload when the need arises.

I decided in 2023 that I needed to try and regain a better work life balance and try something new. This was a daunting thought as I had no experience of the Utilities consultancy market but I am so glad I made the change. We are a collaborative office and everyone is happy to share their experience and ideas and this has been such a great way for me to learn.
We have a weekly meeting on a Tuesday morning which the whole Firm attends, including all the Directors & Senior Account Managers. Everyone has the opportunity to share news from the previous week and all the staff are included in hearing about upcoming developments and business strategies. We are all encouraged to share our thoughts and ideas and this increases the feeling of being one team with one plan.

I am one of three Business Administrators and we all cover each other’s work so I check in with my colleagues and we plan for holiday cover and rota in anything that we need to be aware of across all our teams.

The rest of the week involves me doing contract checks for the teams, contacting suppliers, submitting meter readings and providing any other support needed.

My weekends are spent catching up with friends and planning my next travel adventures as I love going to new and interesting places now we can travel again

A Day in Gordon Barlow’s shoes

My name is Gordon Barlow, and I am an Account Manager at Here’s The Plan. My primary responsibilities revolve around guiding our clients through utility management processes, ensuring smooth supply operations, and simplifying their journey through the energy industry.
Presently, I'm involved in a collaborative effort to establish a comprehensive training and onboarding framework within our organisation.

A typical day starts with looking at emails to set the agenda for the day ahead. Tasks typically include calculating supply consumption, sourcing price quotes from suppliers, conducting price analyses, keeping clients aware of market trends, and addressing general inquiries.

Additionally, I handle contract administration, assist with metering and billing issues, and provide any necessary support to our clients. Maintaining regular communication with clients through follow-ups, and occasionally doing site visits, which always presents a welcome opportunity to engage directly with our clients

Navigating through challenges is an inherent part of my role. However, I tackle them through a combination of proactive problem-solving and effective communication. The most fulfilling aspect of my job lies in empowering our clients with accurate information, enabling them to make informed decisions confidently regarding their utility contracts.

In addition to my professional endeavours, I'm pursuing an Honours degree at university. I am proficient in two languages, English and Afrikaans, with aspirations to add a third. During summertime, I enjoy exploring the breathtaking Scottish landscapes on my mountain bike.

A Day in Rowan Charity’s shoes

My name is Rowan and I juggle two hats at Here’s The Plan. As an Account Manager, I decode customer inquiries, secure favourable contracts, and ensure seamless communication and trust for my clients. Meanwhile, as the Marketing Manager, I lead all our marketing efforts, crafting engaging content, conducting market research, and maintaining brand consistency.

Within my Account Management role, April is the peak renewal period, my focus is on providing clients with current energy market data, competitive quotes, and advising on the best options based on market trends.

Within Marketing, my main focus is creating captivating content across different platforms such as social media and newspapers, incorporating client and my colleagues feedback to ensure relevance and engagement.

In the morning, I put on my Account Manager hat, diving into client inquiries and market analysis. Armed with the latest energy market data, I guide clients through the renewal process, offering competitive quotes tailored to their needs. Then, transitioning to my Marketing Manager role, I brainstorm fresh content ideas for social media and traditional outlets like newspapers. Incorporating client feedback, I craft compelling narratives that resonate with our audience.

Throughout the day, I balance client interactions with content creation, ensuring both seamless communication and engaging brand presence.

As if I don't like to be kept busy enough, I'm currently enrolled in an Understanding Sustainability course. It's a topic I'm genuinely interested in, and I believe it will greatly enhance my effectiveness in both my roles.

In my spare time, I enjoy attending gigs to see my favourite artists and planning my next holiday destination – In March 2024 I will be exploring Thailand!