Take a Seat - Louise Byars

Louise Byars (Balhousie Care Group) - Take a Seat

Louise Byars, Group Head of Corporate Services for Balhousie Care Group Take's a Seat with Alison Henderson this week to discuss her dynamic and varied role.

Louise touches briefly on the way in which Balhousie Care Group have reacted and innovated during the pandemic that have protected residents, staff and visitors as well as some of the processes that have been put in place to allow residents and families to keep in touch throughout lockdown.

Louise is no stranger to innovating and adapting in a fast-paced environment. Having studied Law at University, Louise went onto a successful career in the Retail industry before moving into her role at Balhousie Care Group.


Balhousie Care homes provide residents with a happy, friendly, safe and caring environment coupled with an exceedingly high level of accommodation.

HASP approach to care provides a personalised, individual level of care for people finding it increasingly challenging to cope at home without supplementary help, or who may now be needing an increased level of help and support than their carers can provide.

Learn more on the Balhousie Care Group website: https://balhousiecare.co.uk